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8.8 - Podcast Review of Episode 8 of Crash Landing On You (CLOY)

Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 8 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. We discuss:

  • The song we featured during the recap: Season of Us by Nam Hye Seung and Park Sang Hee and Time of Jeong Hyeok for Se-ri by Nam Hye Seung and Park Sang Hee.

  • This is the pivotal episode 8 and it ended on such a cliffhanger!

  • How Captain Ri feels compelled to save Se-ri and help her get home. He made a promise to get her home AND this is his penance for failing to protect his brother, Ri Mu Hyeok.

  • He wants to save Se-ri, not so they can be happy together, but so SHE can be safe and happy back in Seoul.

  • Gu Seung jun and Seo Dan are making the same argument: Se-ri should stay away from Captain Ri to keep him safe.

  • Gu Seung jun asks Se-ri to marry him so he can keep her safe and bring her back to South Korea. Even if Se-ri would consider this a fake marriage, he would like to make it more than that.

  • But nothing can keep Captain Ri from Se-ri. He goes alone, unarmed and injured to save her.

  • How their eyes spoke volumes when they said goodby on Gu Seung jun’s balcony.

  • Se-ri makes another fateful choice when she takes the car and goes after Captain Ri.

  • Our new element 48 is talk of first loves.

  • Captain Ri is out to get Captain Ri, especially now that Gu Seung jun has let Se-ri escape. He wants to get Se-ri convicted as a South Korean spy and take down Captain Ri and his father.

  • Se-ri pawned Gu Seung jun’s engagement ring and gave everything in the pawn shop to the village ladies. She took the designer men’s watch she had spotted earlier; she intended to give it to Captain Ri as a Christmas present.

  • We have a double cliffhanger at the end of the episode.

  • The first was when Se-ri taken at gunpoint. She was asked to make a phone call to Captain Ri to say she was leaving North Korea. She says I love you, a gun goes off, and then the line goes dead.

  • The second was when Hong Chang sik, Se-ri’s assistant, and Park Su chan, the insurance agent, try to convince Se-ri’s father that she is still alive.

  • The K Drama elements we see in this episode, including the confession, talk of a first love, lots of crying, lots of wrist grabs, and protecting someone you love at personal cost to yourself.

  • The filming locations for Crash Landing On You, which includes Jeju Island, multiple locations in Switzerland, a department store in Incheon, and Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

  • The shows we’re watching now: Lovely Runner for Sung Hee and Itaewon Class for Joanna.



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  1. Do you think Se-ri ever seriously considered Gu Seung Jun's proposal? She seemed a bit shellshocked and gaslit to be actually giving it any thought.

    I just finished Twinkling Watermelon. It was better than Lovely Runner, but a lot of it just hit me personally. I sobbed through the entirety of the last two episodes.

    1. I don't think Se Ri every seriously considered Gu Seung Jun's proposal. I agree that she was too distracted worrying over Captain Ri to think about Gu Seung Jun at all. Think about how quickly she pawned his diamond ring at the the village.

      I just saw the first episode of Twinkling Watermelon and that first episode really got me. I loved how Eun Gyeol played the guitar so passionately. I was quite affected and I'm only on the first episode! I'm looking forward to the rest of it. I'll have lots of Kleenex on hand as I go

    2. Laurel, you thought Twinkling Watermelon was better than Lovely Runner? Oh man, it's gonna be next on my list! And I agree with both you and Sung Hee. There's no way Se-ri ever seriously considered Gu Seung Jun's proposal. She asked him if he was crazy! She did put the ring on her finger coz what choice did she have?

  2. I love we are back to you two pretending you don’t know what’s going to happen in the next episode!! lol. Is Se Ri dead?! Who knows!

    Obviously Se Ri is Cpt Ris first love! I was expecting her to ask if she’s prettier than his first love and him to say “no.” That would have been funny.

    Very disappointed we didn’t get a more in depth discussion of your first loves! ;-)

    I don’t think Seo Dan knows what she wants. I think she is acting more out of pride than anything. Sort of if I can’t have him no one can. Again, her character swings between sympathetic and villainous.

    My favorite line was about someone’s legs getting weak like a salted cabbage!

    Another great episode!

    1. Well, honestly, my short (and medium and long)-term memory is so shot that I really don't remember what happens next in the show. Joanna mentioned to me after we finished episode 8 what happens to Se Ri next and I seriously couldn't remember that at all. With the exception of some vague fuzzy memories, I'm reliving the show again as if for the first time. Maybe I'm getting old, maybe amnesia is just a common phenomenon in capitalist countries, like Kim Ju Meok says.

      Now, given that I can't remember a show that I saw in the relatively recent past, how do you expect me to remember my first love? I can hardly tell you what I did yesterday.

      And I completely agree with the assessment of Seo Dan. For her, I think it was more of a girlhood crush, though who am I to trivialize someone else's first love. I do feel for her, I think she's in a difficult position but she doesn't act very sympathetically at first.

      I do think Gu Seung Jun is quite the attractive rogue. He's very charming, even when all disheveled.

      Thanks for your support, as always!

    2. Malcolm, thanks for your comments. Yeah, it's hard funny how we have to act like we don't know what's going to happen. In some cases, we don't actually know. For example, I don't remember why the watch is so significant. I know it is, but I don't remember how.

      As for my first love, it's a toss up between someone I had a crush on in 7th grade, and my college freshman boyfriend. Don't know who I would consider my first love. One thing is for sure, I ended up with neither and I'm pretty happy with who I did end up with.

      I don't think Seo Dan is a villain. She is more of a victim. I like her more this time around. As for Gu Seung Jun, I didn't even recognize him when I first started watching Mr. Queen! He's like a charming dandy in this show, whereas in Mr. Queen, he was the haunted monarch with two faces.

      Thanks for listening! CLOY is turning into a great choice for Season 8!

  3. Amnesia is just a common phenomenon in capitalist countries. lol I guess you are like a K Drama goldfish! It's a surprise every time!

    I agree about Gu Seung Jun being an attractive rouge. It's always impressive when the so called villains have some sort of nuance to them. For example, Yoon Eun-sung in QOT came across as just pure evil even though there were aspects of his life that could have made him somewhat sympathetic if they were played up a bit more.


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