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4.1 - Episode 1 of 25, 21

Today, we’ll be kicking off Season 4 of K Drama Chat by discussing Episode 1 of 25, 21, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Kim Tae-ri as Na Hee-do and Nam Joo Hyuk as Baek Yi-jin. We discuss: The song Starlight by Taeil The main actors of the show: Kim Tae-ri Nam Joo Hyuk Kim Ji-yeon, better known by her stage name Bona How age is calculated in Korea vs. internationally, which is why there’s confusion over how old the actors in this show are The origins of the 1990s Asian financial crisis and how it affected South and East Asia The impact of an IMF bailout and austerity measures on countries The South Korea gold campaign The surprising dominance of South Korea in the world of fencing Polite language between Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-jin The large number of K Drama elements we see in this episode: Beautiful actors Crying Flowers Food Alcohol Wrist grabs Clothing and fashion Umbrella scene The challenging mother-daughter relationship between Hee-do and her mom Our favorite lines How much we

3.17 - A Conversation with Jeanie Rhim About K Drama Elements

We’re in between seasons 3 and 4! Today, Joanna and Sung Hee has a conversation with Jeanie Rhim, Sung Hee’s sister. Jeanie specializes in newborn photography and is another K Drama lover. We discuss: The K Drama shows we’re watching now. Our list of K Drama elements (we’re up to 23!) and examples of these elements in our favorite K Dramas. How to say hello in Korean. How the subtitles in K Dramas don’t always match what’s actually being said, especially when it comes to characters’ names and titles. Some common Korean words and phrases to watch out for. Here’s our list of K Drama elements to watch out for: Beautiful actors Crying, by both women and men Gorgeous OSTs (original sound tracks) Food; there's lot of eating in K Dramas Alcohol; drinking by both men and women Beautiful fashion The trip and catch Piggyback rides The back hug Product placements Holding hands The wrist grab Flowers Love triangles Umbrella scene Quirky best friend Deep lean Arm rest Talking to someone sleepin

3.16 - A Conversation with Professor Ernabel Demillo

We’re in between seasons 3 and 4! Today, Joanna has a conversation with Professor Ernabel Demillo, Department Chair of the Communication and Media Culture Department at Saint Peter's University and host of the Emmy-award winning "Asian American Life" show on CUNY-TV. We talk about: The many different genres of K Dramas. The K Dramas we’re watching now: Tomorrow, Business Proposal, The Glory. What Ernabel thought about Mr. Sunshine, including the cinematography, the characters, the music, Korea history, and culture. The process that Sung Hee and Joanna use to create our episodes. The K Drama elements that we find in most K Dramas, e.g., umbrella scene, piggyback ride, back hug, deep lean. How Asian American Life is still the only monthly magazine show on broadcast TV devoted to the Asian American diaspora. How Asian American Life explores social issues through the Asian American lens, but also celebrates Asian-American achievements and milestones. The themes that “Asian Am