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1.16 - Episode 15 of Hotel Del Luna

In this episode, we recap and analyze episode 15 of Hotel Del Luna. While Man Wol was gone, Mago gives Chan Sung a task: go back in time to 200 years ago to pick some moon flowers needed to make the wine that will make someone the next owner of the hotel. Chan Sung meets Man Wol, who asks him to stay and become her 85th human manager, but he declines. When he comes back, Mago tells him that Man Wol has come back from the afterlife. Man Wol has a joyful reunion with Chan Sung and her staff. We finally learn Hyun Jung’s back story. He finally confronts Tae sok, who shot him and led his life as Hyun Jung. He also gets to graduate from school. We also learn just a little bit about Bartender Kim’s life. At the end, Man Wol refuses the wine that Yuna has stolen from potion Mago. Chan Sung and Man Wol declare their love for each other. We do a short recap of the show, and then we dive deep into the episode. We discuss: Another song from the OST - Say Goodbye by Song Haye. Mago asking Chan Sun

1.15 - Episode 14 of Hotel Del Luna

I n this episode, we recap and analyze episode 14 of Hotel Del Luna. Man Wol is convinced that Koo Chan Sung is a reincarnated Chyung Myung. She knows she can’t kill Koo Chan Sung, so she gives the moon ornament to Ji-won to make him stronger, knowing Ji-won will try to kill Koo Chan Sung. Koo Chan Sung battles and tricks Ji-won and is saved by the hotel staff and the grim reaper. As a result, Koo Chan Sung saves Man Wol from being turned to ashes. Chyung Myung finally appears to Man Wol in human form, but instead of bringing him to hell and then vanishing, Man Wol is finally empty and will allow Chyung Myung to go to the afterlife. As a final punishment, Man Wol must accompany Chyung Myung to the bridge to the afterlife. At the end of the episode, Man Wol and Chyung Myung are on the bridge. Man stops, turns around and walks back to Koo Chan Sung.  We do a short recap of the show, and then we dive deep into the episode. We discuss: This week’s featured song from the Hotel Del Luna OST