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8.7 - Podcast Review of Episode 7of Crash Landing On You (CLOY)

Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 7 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. We discuss:

  • The song we feature during the recap: the regular and orchestral versions of Song For My Brother by Nam Hye Seung and Park Sang Hee.

  • What a joint  lock is, in reference to Joanna talking about joint locks in episode 8.6.

  • Se-ri’s decision to drive to Sariwon Hospital instead of the hospital instead of the airport, and her decision to stay and donate blood to Captain Ri, instead of flying out of the country with the national track team.

  • Why Se-ri made these choices and what Captain Ri now means to her.

  • How Captain Ri, at first furious with Se-ri, softens, kisses Se-ri outside, and even confesses his feelings about Se-ri to Seo Dan.

  • North Korea’s health care system, which the government says is free, but in reality, is in sad shape, and not free. Patients often have to bribe doctors to receive care.

  • How Se-ri now needs another way out of North Korea, so she calls Gu Seung jun, who realizes that Se-ri is in danger, and comes to get her at the hospital. She goes willingly, not realizing where he’s taking her.

  • Gu Seung jun and Seo Dan’s meeting and Gu Seung jun’s dating and marriage advice to Seo Dan.

  • Cho Cheol Gang’s efforts to arrest Captain Ri, which are thwarted by the arrival of Captain Ri’s parents.

  • The arrival of Seo Dan and her mother. Seo Dan doesn’t accept Captain Ri’s feelings about Se-ri and tells him that he will forget Se-ri since she’s leaving anyway.

  • Se-ri’s father’s announcement during the shareholder meeting that Yoon Se-ri is dead and Yoon Se-hyeung is now Chairman.

  • Hong Chang sik and Park Su chan’s realization that the recording of Se-ri’s mayday call went nowhere because Yoon Se-hyeung wanted to be Chairman.

  • The back story behind the beautiful Song For My Brother, which Ri Jeong Hyeok played on the pier in Switzerland, just at the moment when Se-ri was on a boat nearby. The song gave her hope and a fresh willingness to live; she’s looked high and low for this song ever since.

  • Se-ri has just realized that she’s been kidnapped. Gu Seung jun tells her that she doesn’t need Captain Ri anyway and contacting him would only endanger him. Similarly, Seo Dan says going after Se-ri would only endanger him.

  • The beautiful Seo Ji-hye, the actress who plays Seo Dan.



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  1. I was more worried about Park Kwang-beom's leg injury and the femoral artery.

    I love that Se-ri could play the melody by ear. That's the only way I can play piano. I was briefly a music major that could not read music. Before every chorus class, I would make a point to play the first bar of Moonlight Sonata from the sheet music. It was such a struggle!

    I actually bought Exhuma on Amazon. I cannot sit myself down that long to watch very far though. Probably also the reason why I am watching about ten kdramas right now.

    1. Laurel, thank you for your comment! I hadn't even thought about the seriousness of Park Kwang beom's injury!

      Yes, amazing that Se-ri could play a melody by ear. I guess if you cherish a song so much and you work at it, you can work out a song on the piano. I took piano lessons when I was in elementary school and hope to come back to it someday!

      Sung Hee is going to watch Exhuma. As for watching, sometimes I split up the watching into two sittings. No movie is ever going to be more than 3 hours, so think of it as two episodes of a K Drama! Heck, the last episode of Queen of Tears was two hours long!

      As always, thanks for listening and commenting! You are the best!

  2. Pretty shocking that a hospital wouldn't have blood available - even a North Korean hospital. You would think that is the one thing they would have ready access to in that country. Although if it has to be refrigerated I could see how that would be a problem!

    Out of curiosity Sung Hee, how do you like to be paid for your consultations? Alcohol, cigarettes, or food?!

    Seo Dan is an interesting character because she's really not a villain, but she sort of seems like it because she is someone between Se ri and Captain Ri. I see her really as more of a victim. Although the way she is played she seems to sort of move along the spectrum between the two which is far more interesting than her being a straight up villain.

    Here's an interesting video I cam across about North Korean cell phones. It talks about how the apps can only be purchased at a physical store which they mention in the episode. It also talks about the software installed in the phones that allows the government to monitor them and insure no outside apps are installed.

    1. Malcolm, I see Sung Hee in a few weeks and I'll ask her in person how she likes to get paid for her consultations! I think she prefers dried squid!

      Seo Dan is definitely an interesting character. The first two times I watched this show, I saw her as the villain, but this time around, I definitely see her as a more sympathetic characters, more of a victim, like you said. She loves Captain Ri and he was promised to her! She also strikes me as someone who is not experienced at love, so she's not used to some of the flirtations and nuances of courting. She is straightforward and devoted to her man!

      Thanks for the video about the app store in North Korea. I bet it's because everything is monitored in North Korea, so you can't just install what you want on your phone. Think about China. All traffic goes through the great firewalls. People must go through hoops and VPNs to access forbidden sites, and even then, it's probably really hard.


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