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8.4 - Podcast Review of Episode 4 of Crash Landing On You (CLOY)

Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 4 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. We discuss:

  • The songs we feature during the recap:

    • Flower by Yoon Mirae

    • Spring in my hometown by Nam Hye Sung and Park Sang Hee

  • How desperate Se-ri must have felt when she missed the boat that would have taken her out of North Korea.

  • How Se-ri’s desperation leads her to sneak out of Captain Ri’s house to try and paraglide back to South Korea, but Captain Ri saves her and they both manage to escape the State Security officials. Lots of plot holes here!

  • The finger heart that Se-ri gave Captain Ri. We think she was showing deep and sweet appreciation, but Kim Ju Meok thinks she’s in love with Captain Ri.

  • Is there anything Captain Ri can’t do? He hand roasts coffee beans for Se-ri’s drip coffee and he makes her bean sprout soup for her hangover.

  • How during Ma Yong Ae’s birthday party, Se-ri was there to promote Captain Ri, but she still managed to show a true kindness to Myeong Sun by modifying the dress that Myeong Sun made.

  • How Se-ri is being very clever by calling Ma Yong Ae “unnie.” Unnie implies respect for an older sister, woman or friend, and it also implies a closeness.

  • How South Korean goods are very likely illegal in North Korea and how hard it must be to keep KPop, Korean Dramas and K Beauty out of North Korea!

  • How Captain Ri and Se-ri are showing true kindness to Jung Man bok and his wife. We think the show is setting up a big conflict because Jung Man bok is tasked with listening in on Captain Ri and Se-ri.

  • How we learn that Se-ri is the illegitimate daughter of the Chairman, and there is a sad flashback of Se-ri alone on a beach, counting.

  • Even though the Chairman has named Se-ri’s younger brother as the new Chairman, the Chairman’s wife, Se-ri’s stepmom, says it’s too early to name a successor because Se-ri might still come back.

  • The amazing epilogue where we see how Ri Jyeong Hyeok saved Se-ri from jumping off the Sigriswil bridge. He saved her life!

  • We introduce Malcolm Reilly, an attorney in Portland, Oregon and K Drama Chat listener. 

    • We talk about what life must really be like in North Korea.

    • Malcolm’s K Drama journey.

    • What Malcolm is watching now!



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  1. plot holes=suspension of disbelief. Good fiction doesn't equal good logic.
    I have been wanting to try growing a coffee plant and roasting my own beans. That's on my 10 mile to try list. I really want one of those drip systems for coffee though.
    Is porridge used for hangovers or is that just when you are sick?
    Malcolm-it was great to hear you on the episode. My kdrama journey began with True Beauty (which was also the first Webtoon I read), and that led to me listening to kpop. I have rewatched it a few times now as it makes me nostalgic. I also just finished Lovely Runner. Unfortunately, I watched Goblin between that and Queen of Tears, so I am trying to watch shows that won't make me cry for now. It's not working.
    My favorite element is the umbrella. I am currently working on some artwork featuring such.
    Oh...I am going to make the crispy rice. Think happy thoughts. I messed it up on my last attempt.

    1. Thanks Laurel! It was fun to be on the pod - even if it was difficult to listen to myself when the episode came out!

      I think Korean have porridge when they are actually sick, as opposed to just hungover. I don't know about soup as a hangover cure. I've always been partial to a greasy bacon, egg, and cheese myself.

      Good luck with roasting your own beans. Seems like an awful lot of work (unless you are stuck in North Korea). I'm curious as to whether Koreans love coffee much as it is portrayed on K Dramas! Seems like a highly caffeinated society! I actually have many, many questions to ask a South Korean about actual life in Korea.

    2. Laurel, please post photos of all of your creations! Filipinos love crispy rice. We have a word for the burned rice at the bottom of the pot and it is prized! It's called tutong!

      Malcolm, it's always hard to listen to yourself. I've gotten used to it after a couple of hundred of episodes! Haha!

      Thanks so my martial arts studio, I interact with a number of students (and my Master, of course) who are immigrants from Korea, so I get to ask dumb questions about Korean life, culture and language.

      Thanks, as always, for listening and commenting!


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