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What Show Should We Recap and Analyze in Season 8 of K Drama Chat?

In episode 7.7, we listed the shows that we're considering for Season 8 of K Drama Chat. The list includes: 

  • My Mister - Sung Hee considers this one of the best K Dramas of all time!
  • Crash Landing On You - Another amazing K Drama by screenwriter Park Ji-eun and we both loved this show.
  • Death’s Game - Joanna loved this show, lots of great side stories, and great themes of regret, identity, love.
  • See You in My 19th Life - Another amazing K Drama with the amazing Shin Hye-sun, plus another show where the female lead had to make an important decision at the end of the show.
  • The Midnight Studio - We haven't watched this, but it looks intriguing. Joanna loves the fantasy shows and it looks to have great side stories.
  • Parasyte the Grey - This was a huge hit worldwide.
  • Killer Paradox - We haven't watched this, but it looks interesting and we haven't done a murder genre.
  • Vincenzo - Sung Hee loves this show, it's a classic and Joanna has just started watching and loves it. Plus, we just had that amazing cameo by Song Joong-ki in Queen of Tears!
What shows do YOU think we should recap and analyze in Season 8? Please give us suggestions and sell us on your choice! Thank you!


  1. I vote for Vincenzo. Would love Midnight Studio but I am not able to get the series on my platforms

  2. Vincenzo or Killer's Paradox--so that you'll be introduced to Son Suk-ku!

  3. My suggestion is a new show, The Midnight Romance in Hangwon.

    This is the new show that is slated to take the time slot of Queen of Tears on Korean TV. It's a Studio Dragon production so it will likely be good. I imagine a lot of people will watch because it is the "replacement" for Queen of Tears. The director is An Pan-Seok who did One Spring Night and Something in the Rain, which might be my favorite. I know a certain member of the Pod did not like Something in the Rain because of the terrible mom - because Korean Mom's are the worst! (Amirite Sung-Hee?!?!). Are terrible Korean Moms a K Drama element?!

    This show looks like a pure romance, likely with an older woman-younger man dynamic, which seems to be its own genre in K Dramas. I doubt it will have as many plot twists or crazy characters like Queen of Tears, but I am excited to watch.

    Of course this would be another show in "real time" which would mean reviewing two episodes a week, which is obviously more work for you two. But on the upside, you won't' have to pretend you don't know what's going to happen!

    Here are a couple links with the trailer (in Korean).

    If you don't want to do another show in real time, or you don't like this show (because you don't love Love! ), my vote is for My Mister. Sug Hee is correct that this is one of the best K Dramas of all time. I am not one for rewatching shows (there are so many I haven't watched!), but I would gladly watch this one again.

    I beg of you to NOT do Vincenzo! That show is almost unwatchable because the plot is just so ridiculous. Song Joong-ki is great in the lead role, but that is pretty much all that show has going for it. It is also 20 episodes! I don't think I could take five months of podcasts on this show. (Just my opinion)

    Crash Landing On You is sort of the OG of K Dramas for many Americans. However, its depiction of North Korea is completely ridiculous. I imagine your podcasts would involve a lot of this is what happened in the episode, but this is what things are really like in North Korea.

    Two other suggestions are Our Blues and Reply 1988. Our Blues is about ordinary everyday people on Jeju Island and their real life struggles. The cast is amazing! Reply 1988 would be interesting to discuss what ordinary Korean life was like in the late '80s.

    Just my two cents.

    Looking forward to your final episode of Queen of Tears. I wonder what will happen?!?!?!


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