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7.6 - Podcast Review of Episodes 11 and 12 of Queen of Tears

Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 11 and 12 of Queen of Tears, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, and Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-Hye. We discuss:

  • The songs we feature during the recap:

    • Can’t get over you by Paul Kim

    •  From bottom of my heart by Kim Na Young

  • Some recent comments from listeners and mistakes from last week’s episode

  • Hae-in’s mother’s regret now that she knows her daughter is sick and she reflects on how she’s been so awful to her daughter all these years

  • How and why Hae-in continues to reject Hyun-woo, who knows she loves him and is desperate to show Hae-in that he will stay by her side

  • Hyun-woo and Hae-in appear to be working together to take down David Yoon but they’re still keeping secrets from each other

  • How Hyun-woo’s small apartment fills Hyun-woo and Hae-in with regret. Could their marriage have been different if they had lived in a small apartment and had to be together at the end of each day?

  • Kim Soo-hyun’s amazing acting, especially when he was playing David Yoon in the car. He had David Yoon’s stare, mannerisms and tone of voice.

  • How Hae-in’s dad and brother are going through a transformation.

  • Cheon Da-hye is back and Soo-cheol takes her back, against his mother’s wishes.

  • How David Yoon is unraveling. He’s lying to Hae-in, he basically kidnapped her, and he ordered that Hyun-woo be killed!

  • The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because we learn that Moh Sul-hee had David Yoon’s adoptive parents killed, and she burned the orphanage where David Yoon was abused.

  • The chairman’s ultimate sacrifice when he realized Moh Sul-hee’s treachery and killed himself to end her power of attorney over his assets.

  • The hunt is on to find the 900B won that both sides believe is somewhere in the Hong residence. It looks like Hyun-woo leads the Hongs to find the secret panic room, but what is inside?

  • We welcome Naa Evans, aka as KDrama Bingo, to the show! We talk about the K Drama elements in these two episodes and she talks about her K Drama tropes and her bingo cards!

Find us on Instagram @KDramaChat to see pictures of Naa, Sung Hee and Joanna, and the bingo cards that Naa sells online at



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  1. I will put this prediction for the final two episodes: David Yoon will die by his mother's hand and she will wind up in prison.
    I was totally yelling at the tv when the chairman threw himself down the stairs.

    1. Laurel, fantastic prediction. We mention you in episode 7.7. I sort of agree that David Yoon predicted his own death, but I don't think he will die at his mom's hand.

  2. I thought this was such a good episode of the podcast! Who knew there were so many sub elements of K Drama elements? Also, I had no idea that the production company had its own food line that it features in the K Dramas it produces. And speaking of K Drama Elements, I have two more to propose in your efforts to get to 100 ;-)

    - Really bad English language acting! And I don't mean by the Korean actors, which is totally understandable. I'm talking about the Western actors they have in K Dramas. They are almost always terrible in, what I assume is their native language. They also seems to have the same Western actors over and over again in every K Drama (although I guess that could be said of the Korean actors as well). There is one actor who I've seen a couple times who is not bad- David McInnis, who was in Mr. Sunshine and Descendants of Sun. But generally, the English language acting is really bad. Which is a bit of a surprise considering how popular K Dramas are now in the US.

    -The other element is tying a text message and then erasing it.

    David Yoon is certainly one of the all time villains. So much so that poor Park Sung Hoon is getting nasty comments on his social media!

    My favorites are "Hyung, stop being good at acting" and "I hate you more than Jeon Jae Joon (The Glory)".

    Finally, I am very disappointed that you did not discuss K Drama element No. 29 in episodes 11-12!!! What were you thinking?!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Malcolm, thank you for these great comments! We need to publish a new, comprehensive list! Keep the suggestions coming! And you're right, we missed talking about the great abs! How did we do that?

      I was actually worried that the actor playing David Yoon, Park Sung Soon, might be getting death threats. He's so villainous!

      Thanks for listening to this really loooooong episode!

  3. I would like to add really cool fight scenes and people parking in the middle of traffic.

    1. Laurel, really good fight scenes has GOT to make the list. Remember the amazing fight scenes in Mr. Queen? I LOVED the fight scene with FANS! And parking in the middle of traffic and collapsing in a pedestrian lane have to make the list. Along with the white truck of death! Haha!


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