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7.4 - Podcast Review of Episodes 7 and 8 of Queen of Tears

Today, we’ll be discussing Episodes 7 and 8 of Queen of Tears, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-Hye. We discuss:

  • The song we feature during the recap: Love You With All My Heart by Crush.

  • Soo Cheol calls Hyun-Woo “maehyeong” 매형, which means older sister’s husband.

  • How Hae-in loses her will to live when Hyun-woo admits that he wanted a divorce.

  • How Hyun-woo decides to make Hae-in hate him so that she has a reason to live.

  • How Hyun-woo wants to stay by Hae-in’s side even if it means being the subject of her rage, humiliation and hatred; he has powerful reasons for wanting to be by her side.

  • Both Hae-in and Hyun-woo are left wondering if everything the other person said and promised was a lie.

  • Through the flashback of the marriage proposal, we can piece together how our couple got engaged, broke up, got back together, and finally married.

  • How we held our breaths when Hyun-woo discovers that Hae-in has lost her memory of Germany and Hyun-woo wanting a divorce, which means Hae-in has to relive this trauma TWICE.

  • The crazy divorce settlement scene with Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo Cassano.

  • How Hae-in realizes that Hyun-woo was suffering during their marriage; she learns this when she overhears Hyun-woo at Grandma’s Home Cooking restaurant.

  • The Chairman wants Hyun-woo fired by Hae-in defends him from the Security Team.

  • How Hyun-woo followed David Yoon when he was following Hae-in. We see a very different Hyun-woo in that scene. We think we will see a very different Hyun-woo from now on.

  • How David Yoon pressured Soo-cheol to sign the resort deal with David Yoon, and then the deal went south, giving Pione Investment the chance to swoop in and pretend to save the deal.

  • But when the investors pull out and the Chairman’s embezzlement investigation comes out, David Yoon ends up with control over Queens Group.

  • Meanwhile, Hae-in turns down the Hercyna deal and rejects David Yoon’s offer (again) to replace Hyun-woo.

  • We feel sorry for Soo-cheol, whose wife double-crossed him, left him, and took their son to New York.

  • Hyun-woo and Aunt Beom-ja have definitive proof, through a DNA test, that David Yoon is Moh Sul-hee’s son!

  • Moh Sul-hee and David Yoon have been playing the long game. Moh Sul-hee endeared herself to the Chairman, whom she tricked into giving her power of attorney, and then poisoned.

  • How the Hong family has been kicked out of their own company and have fled to Yongdu-ri.

  • The hilarious scenes involving Hyun-woo, Hae-in and their secretaries.

  • More Crash Landing On You references and tie-ins!

  • The Koreans’ seeming obsession with the Myers Briggs Personality Types.

  • The K Drama elements in this show, including all the crying, the epic umbrella scene involving Hyun-woo and Hae-in, more connections from the past between Hae-in and David Yoon, all the product placements, and Hyun-woo saving Hae-in from an oncoming truck.

  • Our new, #39 product placement - cameos!

  • Our predictions for the end of the show!

  • We learn more about the amazing Park Sung-hoon!



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  1. It's like their marriage and Queen's Group are foils for each other.

  2. Here's to me hoping that they pull a cat carrier out of the van in Episode 9.

  3. The shoulder tap is what characters do when they are comforting someone, slowly tap their hand on the person's shoulder. There is one in episode 7 at 1:18:00

  4. Yes, I see what you mean! I was thinking about tapping someone's shoulder to get their attention. Oh Jung Se as the psychiatrist does that to Baek Hyun-Woo to console him in episode 2.

    Yes, their marriage and the Queen's group are so intertwined. Maybe that's why Hyun-Woo has to save the company to save Hae-In.

    Thanks for your comments!

  5. I'm just going to drop this prediction before episode 9 airs. Beom-Ja and the village marriage counselor

  6. I think you may be onto something there. We'll have to watch out for that

  7. Do you know which K Drama the dads were watching in Episode 10? I’m also wondering when the estranged brother might become a part of the story? It seems like no detail is there by chance, so he must have some part in the plot. I’m loving your podcast episodes because there are so many twists in the story!

    1. Karlyb, thank you for your comment! I'll have to ask my cousin if she recognizes the drama that the dads are watching; she knows everything! And yes, I agree with you that Beom-seok, the estranged brother, will probably come back and be important to taking down David Yoon. I thought the same thing! We will discuss in episode 7.5!

  8. My impression was that it was a made up drama. The scene seemed a bit overly dramatic, but I could be wrong and it could be a real drama that I don't recognize.

    Good point about the estranged brother. I went back and rewatched episodes 1 and 2 and realized there were so many details that are more signficant when you know what happens later.

    Thanks so much for listening, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  9. Laurel, thank you for the comments! Now I understand what you mean by the shoulder tap. It's like a comforting shoulder or back pat! And nice prediction about Beom-ja and the marriage counselor! We will mention this during our next episode!

  10. I have a few more K Drama elements to suggest (to help you get to your goal of 100!) ;-). Actually, some are sub elements.
    1. Self referencing k dramas. Since they are such a big part of Korean society, they almost have to. But I love when characters are like “this is just like a k drama!”

    2. The umbrella - but specifically when one character is holding the umbrella but is letting water fall on his (usually a guy) shoulder. It shows he is being so attentive in keeping the other dry that he doesn’t care if he gets wet.

    3. Negative product placement. Seems like if a company doesn’t pay for the placement their logo gets blocked out. They are giving away placement for free! You’ll see this sometimes with cars or clothing. Like a Nike logo covered with tape or something else.

    I love you guys are reviewing this in real time so I can hear the crazy theories that you are coming up with!!!


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