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7.1 - Podcast Review of Episode 1 and 2 of Queen of Tears K Drama

Today, we’ll be discussing Episodes 1 and 2 of Queen of Tears, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-Hye. We discuss:

  • The song we featured during the recap, The Reason of my Smiles by BSS.

  • We introduce the characters of this show and stumble over their Korean names.

  • How there appear to be five main leads, which seems to be common in K Dramas.

  • The show is set in the modern day, in Seoul and the village of Yongdu-ri.

  • The central premise of the show, which is that Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in are locked in a loveless marriage. Hyun-woo wants a divorce but nobody is on his side on this matter. Then Hae-in announces that she has a rare brain tumor and she has three months to live. Hyun-woo sees a way out of this marriage and maybe a chance to inherit some wealth, if he can convince his wife of his love.

  • Whether the couple was actually in love at the time of their marriage, and their motivations for marrying.

  • How Hae-in was initially suspicious of Hyun-woo, but between his actions, his Internet searches and his shooting of the wild boar, she is looking at him differently.

  • How cloud cytoma doesn’t appear to be a real disease.

  • The origins, structure and power of the chaebol conglomerates in South Korea.

  • How this show is a real study on marriage because there are so many different perspectives on marriage, many of them not very positive.

  • How village life is so often romanticized in these K Dramas.

  • Arranged marriages and whether the practice still exists today.

  • How the royal tradition of having sons-in-law prepare the food during jesa appears to be made up by the Hong family in this show.

  • Kim Soo-hyun’s amazing acting and comedic timing in this show.

  • How these first two elements showcase so many K Drama elements, most notably crying, drinking, food, flowers, protesting someone you love at personal cost to yourself, a funeral, and a confession.

  • How Sung Hee had so many favorite lines but Joanna made her pick just two.

  • The many questions we are looking forward to exploring, like: What is the chairman’s girlfriend’s real motivations? What happened to Hae-in’s brother? What happened between Hae-in and David Yoon?

We are recapping and analyzing Queen of Tears in real time. Each episode will drop on a Friday and cover the two episodes from the previous weekend, hopefully giving our listeners the insights they need before going into the weekend, when the next two episodes drop.



K Drama Chat is a weekly podcast where we take one Korean (K) Drama each season and and recap and analyze each episode. K Drama Chat is available on Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyAmazon Music, and Pandora.


  1. I am very happy to see you guys finally doing a series in real time - even if it does mean extra work each week. At least you won't have to pretend that you don't know what's going to happen! "Who is Yoon Chae-ok's mother?! I wonder if we will find out!!" ;-)

    Personally, I think QOT is off to a pretty slow start and I am having a hard time buying that these two were ever actually in love!

    I find Korea's whole love/hate fascination with Chaebol families really interesting. I think they are Korea's equivalent of the Royal Family. I get the impression that most Koreans have a negative few of the Chaebol families, but they are consumed by their personal lives, and I think most would jump at the chance to join one. Its somewhat surprising to me that they still have such a grip on Korean society and the economy. In many ways, South Korea has a lot of socialist tendencies - from health care and education to the mandatory military service. It is surprising that the conglomerates run by the Chaebols continue to exists. I imagine it is a combination of the history that lead to their creation and allowed them to entrench themselves and perhaps a backlash to anything deemed too socialist or communist to reform them (considering their neighbor to the north). In any event, this Chaebol family in QOT is predictably awful!

    Some interesting reading on the Chaebols:

    Keep up the good work! Hope QOT develops a bit more. So far I give this a 5/10 for plot, but a 10/10 for the outfits!

    Gotta run. The Cherry Blossoms are about to fall...

  2. Hey Malcolm. Thanks for the comment! Glad you are enjoying season 7 so far! We are loving it and hope you will get into the show soon! As for the chaebol, it's crazy, isn't it? These families are definitely rich, they're prominent, and they dominate the social and political landscapes in Korea. On the other hand, I think we see these large conglomerates controlled by families in the Philippines and the Indonesia. We'll have to do more research. Thanks for listening!


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