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5.6 - Review of Episode 6 of Mr. Queen

Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 6 of Mr. Queen, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Shin Hye-sun as Kim So-yong, Kim Jung-hyun as King Cheojong, Seol In-ah as Jo Hwa-jin, Na In-woo as Kim Byeong-in, and Choi Jin-hyuk as Jang Bong-hwan. 

We discuss:

  • The songs we featured during the recap: No Touch by Howl and Venus by Moon Jong-up.

  • How this episode was aptly named Between Understanding and Misunderstanding; there are so many misunderstandings between nearly everyone in the palace, but especially between the King and the Queen.

  • That things are very complicated for Jang Bong-hwan since jumping into the lake clearly won’t bring him back to modern day Korea.

  • When the King saved the Queen from the lake, something changed. The King now wants the Queen to live and he wants to try to understand her.

  • The King and Queen agree to do No Touch but they have very different understandings of what No Touch means.

  • The Jo family tries to depose the Queen but the King shows a different side of his character when he strongly defends the Queen and throws out the petition.

  • The palace intrigue continues. Lord Kim Jwa-geun has created a double agent of one of the court ladies. Oh-wol has been stabbed by the eunuch with a scar on his face, the same eunuch who tortured Oh-wol. The Dowager Queen summons her shaman to perform a ritual against the Queen. Kim Byeong-in brings together representatives from the Jo and Kim families and makes a deal with them.

  • The queen became an entrepreneur with the creation of her food delivery service. In the process, she used the food palanquin delivery men to spread rumors in the palace, which serve to rehabilitate the Queen’s reputation.

  • The education, background and career of the beautiful Seol In-ah.



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  1. I am loving your podcast.
    Mr Queen is one of my favourite K-drama. It is absolutely hillarious. Shin Hye Sun gives the best performance I have seen in similar type of roles in any language. She is simply mesmerising.
    The series might not be a high art, but it is pure fun. I basically watch my favourite parts on a loop. I never get tired from those funny scnes no matter how I watch them.
    I probably disagree with you ladies just on one thing. I actually prefer the first half more than the second. I thought the first 6-7 episodes were much more fun. Although the second part also has some iconic scenes.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! I’m reliving the show as we go along, so I’ll have to wait until we get to the second half to see if I feel the same way. No question that this is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen due to Shin Hae Sun’s brilliant performance

    1. Yes, indeed. Her performance is for the record books. I am a middle aged man who likes the trope of body swap/time travel, so I have watched tons of movies and shows from various countries.
      I think what sets her apart is that she plays a man in a comedy in a rather "natural" way if there is such a thing.
      When I watch her, I don't think that, "No, men don't that" or "that is a bit too much". On contrary, I find myself thinking "Wow, that is exactly how a man would act" (ok, maybe there are the odd scenes exaggerated, but 80% of the time it is spot on). I just love those scenes when she looks at the camera, almost breaking the 4th wall, and smirks. You really think, YES! that is Jang Bong-hwan.
      The flirting with Hwa-jin (and the invitation for a Pyjama party LOOL) in early episodes is beyond hillarious!. I don't like love triangles, but I wouldn't have minded to have much more this one.
      Anyway, I can ramble for ever about this. So, thank you ladies for the podcast and allowing us to gush together.

  3. I love these comments. Mr. Queen is just pure fun but there’s also so much to discuss in this show. The second half of the show had a lot more intrigue for sure, and we’re loving the growing love and alliance between the king and queen. Thank you so much for listening!


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