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4.13 - Episode 13 of 25, 21

Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 12 of 25, 21, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Kim Tae-ri as Na Hee-do and Nam Joo-hyuk as Baek Yi-jin. We discuss:

  • The songs we heard during the recap: Missing you by Byon Dong Wook and Whispers of Love by Lim Ha Young.

  • How Baek Yi-jin is sending Na Hee-do mixed signals. He’s declared his love for her, he’s affectionate around her, he is very solicitous, and he wants to spend time with her. But when she gives him a kiss, he pulls away from her!

  • How Baek Yi-jin is conflicted about his relationship with Na Hee-do, probably because of his job, which lets him make money and gives him a path toward bringing his family back together.

  • Na Hee-do is really confused, she’s losing her self-respect, and she wants Baek Yi-jin to try a different type of love with her, or let her go.

  • How Baek Yi-jin finally gives Na Hee-do a kiss at the end of the episode; he finally gives in to his love and his longing.

  • How Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim lose their individual matches during the tournament, but both girls play really well during the team match, which powers their team to victory.

  • How this is the last time that Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim play together on the same team.

  • How we learn about how Coach Yang and  Shin Jae-kyung first became friends, how they became close, and how their friendship went out.

  • How Ko Yu-rim and Moon Ji-woong finally get to hold hands!

  • The K Drama elements in this episode: Crying, alcohol, second couples, clothing, and food.

  • The Asian financial crisis, how the IMF imposed several financial reforms on countries throughout Asia, and how a show like 25, 21 shows us the impact of the crisis on regular people.

  • How we’re going to start talking about the shows that we’re considering for Season 5 of K Drama Chat.



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