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2.16 - Episode 16 of It's Okay To Not Be Okay

In this episode, we recap and analyze Episode 16, the final episode of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, the hit K Drama on Netflix. In this episode, the story is Find the Real, Real Faces by Meun Young. Sang Tae convinces Meun Young to publish her final book, which is about three friends (an emotionless princess, a boxed man, and a masked man) whose faces were stolen by an evil shadow witch. After a long journey and meeting many characters, the friends realize that what the shadow witch had stolen from them was not their real, real faces but their courage to find happiness.

This episode was ultimately about Gang Tae, Sang Tae and Meun Young finding the courage to be happy. Gang Tae learned to be vulnerable, to ask for help, to love and be loved, and to believe that he wasn’t born to take care of Sang Tae because Moon Gang Tae belongs to Moon Gang Tae. Meun Young was able to shed the narrative that she is an empty can, unable to care about others’ feelings. Meun Young came to care about the brothers, rejoin the community, love, be loved, and write again. Sang Tae was able to overcome his trauma, paint over the murderous butterfly and paint his own butterflies, and leave Gang Tae to pursue a career as an illustrator.

This episode also revisited the stories of some of the patients at the hospital, including A-reum and Jung-tae, who are finally together; the assemblyman’s song, Kwon Ki-do, who is studying for the national civil service exam; Pil won, who has a new pair of shoes and the courage to leave the hospital for good; and Eun-ja, who has accepted her daughter’s death and has opened up her own restaurant.

Even the second and third couples look like they’re going to make it. The publisher is opening up his new office in Seongjin City to be closer to Ju-ri, and Jae-soo appears to be getting closer to the art director.

At the end of the episode, Joanna, Jen and Sung Hee reveal the show they are going to recap and analyze in Season 3 of K Drama Chat – Mr. Sunshine! We wanted to do a historical show and decided Mr. Sunshine had a lot to discuss, including Korea during the Japanese occupation, how Japan and the US fought over Korea, the rebellion against the Japanese, the role of women during that period of time, gender identity, and Korean language.

We will have a few in between episodes before we start talking about Mr. Sunshine, so keep listening and start watching Mr. Sunshine!


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