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1.16 - Episode 15 of Hotel Del Luna

In this episode, we recap and analyze episode 15 of Hotel Del Luna. While Man Wol was gone, Mago gives Chan Sung a task: go back in time to 200 years ago to pick some moon flowers needed to make the wine that will make someone the next owner of the hotel. Chan Sung meets Man Wol, who asks him to stay and become her 85th human manager, but he declines.

When he comes back, Mago tells him that Man Wol has come back from the afterlife. Man Wol has a joyful reunion with Chan Sung and her staff. We finally learn Hyun Jung’s back story. He finally confronts Tae sok, who shot him and led his life as Hyun Jung. He also gets to graduate from school. We also learn just a little bit about Bartender Kim’s life. At the end, Man Wol refuses the wine that Yuna has stolen from potion Mago. Chan Sung and Man Wol declare their love for each other.

We do a short recap of the show, and then we dive deep into the episode. We discuss:

  • Another song from the OST - Say Goodbye by Song Haye.

  • Mago asking Chan Sung to go back in time to retrieve the moon flowers

  • The mind-bending aspects of time travel.

  • How Mago has been engineering the whole story of Man Wol and Chan Sung, starting 1,300 years ago.

  • How we meet a new Mago, poverty Mago.

  • The Korean board game of baduk, or Go in Japan.

  • Why Chan Sung didn’t take the medicine that would remove his ability to see ghosts.

  • The story of Hyun Jung and how he was shot by his friend Tae sok, who then took Hyun Jung’s name and cared for Hyeon mi his whole life.

  • The confrontation between Hyun Jung and Tae sok.

  • How we learn a little about bartender Kim’s story.

  • How Man Wol decided not to drink the wine that Yuna stole, in effect rejecting the opportunity to remain the hotel manager and stay with Chan Sung.

  • The K Drama elements in this episode:

    • Flowers

    • Alcohol

    • The quirky best friend Sanchez

    • The umbrella scenes

  • Our favorite Man Wol outfits.

  • Our favorite lines from the episode.

  • Second lead syndrome in K Dramas.


K Drama Chat is a weekly podcast where we take one Korean (K) Drama each season and and recap and analyze each episode. K Drama Chat is available on Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify and Stitcher.


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