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1.13 - Episode 12 of Hotel Del Luna

In this episode, we recap and analyze episode 12 of Hotel Del Luna. The story of the serial killer plays out as Koo Chan Sung meets Ji-won at the wine bar and confirms that he is the murderer. They fight and Koo Chan Sung is saved by Detective Yeong-soo. An injured Ji-won later confronts Koo Chan Sung on the roof of the hospital and then jumps off the building. Man Wol meets Ji-won, who is now a vengeful ghost who is out to get Koo Chan Sung.

There is a side story about a doctor and his wife who have been buying lifelines in order to save their sick son. We also see Sanchez, who has come home because he believes Veronica is still at the hotel. Man Wol tells Koo Chan Sung to let her go and not be sad, but Koo Chan Sung says he doesn’t want to let her go. The episode ends with a passionate kiss!

We do a short recap of the show, and then we dive deep into the episode. We discuss:

  • This week’s featured song from the Hotel Del Luna OST - See the Stars by Red Velvet.

  • How we’re teaching our kids to be more formal with adults until given permission to speak more casually

  • How Man Wol is showing true vulnerability for the first time in 1,300 years

  • How to love is to be vulnerable

  • How we learn more about Man Wol’s life, including her love with Yeon-u, her love for Chyung Myung, and Yeon-u’s death

  • How Chyung Myung is the firefly that has been haunting the Moon Tree for 1,300 years!

  • How grudges are so damaging to your health

  • The side story with the doctor and his wife who are using their lifelines and purchasing lifelines from other people to keep their son alive

  • The themes of forgetting and not wanting to be forgotten in Hotel Del Luna

  • The K Drama elements in this episode:

    • Wrist grab

    • Flowers

    • Alcohol

    • Triangles

  • Our favorite Man Wol outfits

  • How most K Dramas just one season

  • The male physique aesthetic in K Dramas



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