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1.12 - Episode 11 of Hotel Del Luna

In this episode, we recap and analyze episode 11 of Hotel Del Luna. We see the relationship between Man Wol and Chan Sung deepen, take a romantic turn, and become even playful. We revisit the story of the serial killer; Yuna is on Ji-won’s trail. We meet Hwang Moon-Suk, who was the human manager at Hotel Del Luna 30 years ago; she wants to ask Man Wol a favor for her son, who was conceived in Room 404 of Hotel Del Luna. We have the tragic story between Sanchez and Veronica. Veronica dies in a tragic car accident. Thankfully, she is able to say good-bye to Sanchez through the lunar eclipse and Hotel Del Luna. At the end of the episode, Mago visits Man Wol to tell her that her time to leave is coming near and the flowers of the tree will fail when she starts to be afraid.

We do a short recap of the show, and then we dive deep into the episode. We discuss:

  • This week’s featured song from the Hotel Del Luna OST - Only You by Yang Da-il, singer-songwriter and producer,

  • How the relationship between Man Wol and Chan Sung is changing.

  • How individuals by default speak formally to each other in South Korea. It’s the protocol to ask to speak informally before actually doing so.

  • The story with the serial killer and how Yuna is on his tail.

  • How Mago #4 tells Man Wol that the flowers on the tree will fall once she becomes afraid. Man Wol ends up realizing she is afraid because Chan Sung is in danger.

  • The story of the human manager, Hwang Moon-suk. She wants Man Wol to allow her daughter and son-in-law to spend the night at Hotel Del Luna and hopefully conceive a child there.

  • The tragic story of Sanchez and Veronica.

  • How Hotel Del Luna has three couples that are not destined to work out: Man Wol and Chan Sung; Hyung Jung and Yuna; Sanchez and Veronica.

  • The sad and moving story of the father and son who were killed by the truck driver and how the father used his one dream call to contact the truck driver and ask for forgiveness.

  • How we learn a little more about the guest manager, Seo-hee, and how she is waiting for her husband’s family line to die.

  • The K Drama elements in this episode: flowers, alcohol, product placement, and second couples.

  • Naengmyeon and rice cake noodle soup.

  • Our favorite lines from the episode.

  • Our favorite Man Wol outfits.

  • How to say thank you in Korean formally and informally.

  • What we’re watching now: 39 and Revolutionary Love



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