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1.05 - Episode 4 of Hotel Del Luna

In Episode 4 of Hotel Del Luna, things are getting complicated between Man Wol and Koo Chan Sung. Chan Sung continues to dream about Man Wol, who is upset that Koo Chan Sung is learning about her past life. Through flashbacks, we learn more about Man Wol’s life and we have two side stories. We also learn that the hotel staff are plotting to have Koo Chan Sung removed as manager because they fear his arrival is making the tree come back to life and make time start flowing again for Man Wol.

We do a short recap of the show, and then we dive deep into the episode. We discuss:

  • How Man Wol and Koo Chan Sung’s relationship is changing as he learns more about her past.
  • We see that Chung Myung once again saves Man Wol and is true to his word when he promises to save Yeon-wu.
  • How the side story with the blind ghost is not what we expected
  • The unexpectedly sweet story of the old man and his dog
  • The appearance of the grim reaper
  • How Mago is a deity in Korean, Chinese and Japanese mythology, especially as a protector of women
  • How the hotel staff try to trick Koo Chan Sung into losing his mind by visiting the ghost in Room 13
  • Man Wol’s many outfits and which ones are our favorites
  • The famous Korean skin care routine with its 10 steps
  • The latest K dramas we’re watching

Show references:


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  1. I loved the story about the dog and the old man. I think there is a common theme in Korean dramas where love is expressed as self-sacrifice, sometimes without the loved one even being aware (sometimes the greater sacrifice is that the loved one doesn't know). The dog steadfastly stayed with his master, even when it could have saved itself, but it was rewarded in the end by being reunited in death. Sooooo sad, but so touching. I love dogs already, but this story killed me.


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